Early Bird Fees
(until September 01, 2019)

Regular Early Fee – 510 EUR
Resident Early Fee* – 300 EUR
Health Professionals Early Fee* – 24 EUR
Student Early Fee** – 24 EUR
NEW: Bring your resident*** – 150 EUR (no insurance possible)

Late Fees
(from September 02, 2019 – November 15, 2019)

Regular Late Fee – 540 EUR
Resident Late Fee* – 330 EUR
Health Professionals Late Fee* – 60 EUR
Student Late Fee** – 60 EUR
NEW: Bring your resident*** – 150 EUR (no insurance possible)

Registration fees include 20% taxes.
* Residents and health professionals have to send or email a letter from their head of department to VISAR Office, written on official hospital letter paper and signed by the head of department, confirming their status as such within 14 days of completed online registration. In case this confirmation is not received, the registration fee will be automatically adjusted to a regular fee.

** Registrations categorised as student are limited to students without any academic title and must be accompanied by a valid student ID. Students are kindly asked to send a copy of their student ID to VISAR Office within 14 days of complete online registration.

*** This year, we have also decided to implement the program “Bring your resident with you“. Each resident that accompanies his responsible programme director, will get a 50% reduction on the registration fee. Please contact the VISAR Office for more information.

Terms & Conditions

Please click here to download the Terms & Conditions.


ECR GmbH/VISAR offers all pre-registered participants the option of taking a cancellation policy with our partner ‘Europäische Reiseversicherung’. The insurance fee depends on the selected ticket and can only be booked during the online registration.

Your registration does include the following

– admittance to all scientific sessions
– admittance to all hands-on sessions (upon registration via the office)

– onsite congress programme brochure
– certificate of attendance
– coffee breaks
– lunch breaks